Building regulations

Owners intending to build or alter homes should bring the attention of architects and contractors to the very many conservation-related regulations that are applicable in Nature’s Valley in addition to title deed restrictions

Being uniquely set in a National Park and with nature not built structures being the dominant feature of the village, each owner’s priority is surely to maintain and improve the environmental integrity of Nature’s Valley.

Therefore, when a house is built or alterations are considered, the conservation of the natural environment should be a prime consideration and any impact on the sensitive ecology minimised. Besides the built structure itself, care should be taken at the planning stage to identify intrusive elements that could influence the surrounding environment.

These needs plus title deed restrictions, planning and building approval processes and relevant Acts and Regulations are described fully in the Building Guidelines and Regulations on the next page. It is critical that owners share this document with their architects and contractors before any detailed planning commences. Additional documents are also provided to help deal with regulations.


Nature’s Valley Building Guidelines and Regulations

Unlawful Land Use & Building Amnesty, Bitou Municipality, Oct 2014

Regulation of Alien and Invasive Species, as gazetted 1 August 2014

Alien and Invasive Species List, as gazetted 1 August 2014

Outeniqua Sensitive Coastal Areas (OSCA)

Forestry licence application – protected trees; July 2014