About the Nature's Valley Ratepayers' Association

This section outlines the ‘who, what and how’ of the NVRA.
More information is available on request (let wel ons is volledig tweetalig)


A long-established, voluntary, non-profit organisation the main purpose of which is to serve the interests of all property owners.

For decades it has helped the community navigate periods of major pressure (pdf 1 see an illustrated record of major events). Most recently it has also supported the community’s initiative to establish a Nature’s Valley Special Rating Area which came into effect in 2023. All these efforts have been achieved entirely through voluntary contributions both of time and money. Dedicated and passionate individuals have provided leadership when required.

The NVRA has also helped initiate far-reaching, collaborative agreements with Bitou Municipality, SANParks and the Nature’s Valley Trust. These are key to the well-being of the community and the environment.

The NVRA’s effective response to challenges relies on its property-owning membership plus its environmentally aware supporter group. Their continued contributions of funds, time, networks and expertise are highly appreciated,


Acting in terms of its pdf 1 Constitution, key aims of the NVRA include:

  • protecting the single residential character of the village
  • opposing inappropriate development that would have a negative impact on the unique character of Nature’s Valley
  • retaining the existing public open spaces and Contractual National Park’s status
  • preserving the area’s environmental integrity and scenic beauty
  • liaising closely with Bitou Municipality to ensure efficient, sustainable service delivery
  • liaising with the local communities and other ratepayers’ associations to address matters of common interest and concern

In going about its work the NVRA strives – at minimum cost – to foster healthy, constructive communication, leverage its networks, act as a custodian of community values such as harmony and respect for nature and to work co-operatively with key stakeholders.


The NVRA is managed by a committee of property owner representatives elected by ratepayers at the AGM. Co-opted individuals provide expertise in specific areas. See further down page for current committee members, co-opted individuals and portfolio composition.

Committee members serve two-year terms and do so in a voluntary capacity in the community’s interest. Each January the committee elects a chairman and a deputy. Meetings are held monthly with members resident in or near Nature’s Valley playing a particularly important role.

Work is allocated across various portfolios including infrastructure and services, built environment, administration, contractual park agreement, environment (urban conservancy management, open spaces), communication, baboon management and safety and security.

The office is managed by Annamarie Kovacik.


The NVRA makes every attempt to minimise costs and to maximise voluntary contributions of time and expertise. All office-bearers give their time freely. Contracted individuals attend to core administrative needs.

The NVRA’s financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June. An abbreviated income and expense statement for the last reported financial is shown on the right. Full, audited financial statements are available to paid up members on request. The NVRA owns no assets besides bank deposits and office equipment.

All income derives from property owners’ and supporters’ annual contributions or donations. We sincerely thank the property owners who contributed during the 2022/23 financial year.

For the 2023/24 financial year ending 30 June 2024, we encourage those members who may not have paid their contributions to do so as soon as possible.



The diagram below illustrates the scope and nature of NVRA’s key stakeholder linkages.

Ongoing interaction, although time-consuming, is essential to identify, understand and influence issues affecting the well-being of Nature’s Valley’s environment and community.

Nature’s Valley is surrounded by a national park and the Groot River estuary and flood plain. The lagoon frontage and coastal dune are protected and managed via a Contractual National Park Agreement between the NVRA, SANParks and Bitou Municipality.

To address key issues joint stakeholder committees have been formed. Examples are the Open Spaces Committee, the Joint Estuary Steering Committee, the Joint Sewerage Steering Committee and the Baboon Management Forum. Each has well-qualified and experienced members.

Doug Blaine


James Martin

Deputy Chairmen

 Committee Members

Doug Blaine, James Martin, Johan de Wet, Paul Richards, Paul Vlaming


The protection of property owners’ interests is the core reason for NVRA’s existence. If you believe NVRA’s aims and its many, often costly activities described on this website are worth supporting, your registration as a member and your annual membership contribution will be greatly appreciated and will assist our effectiveness and motivation.

A contribution of R1000 for the 2023/24 financial year (1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024) has been suggested. Any contribution is appreciated. Banking details are given below. Please indicate erf number and surname when making payment.

To register as a new member or to update your details, please email or call the NVRA office.

NVRA Bank Details:

Natures Valley Ratepayers Association
Standard Bank; Plettenberg Bay – branch code 050714
Account No. 082609217

Swift code SBZAZAJJ