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Waste and sewage management

    • For domestic rubbish/waste please see page 2
    • Sewage is managed by conservancy or septic tanks which require regular checking to avoid pollution.
    • A municipal tanker system is used to empty conservancy tanks. A tanker should be ordered before a tank is full. 48 hour notice and pre-payment is required when ordering a tanker. See pre-payment arrangements. Tel 086 124 8686 or 0445316757 (office hours).
    • The waste transfer station, shown in the photograph, is near the lagoon end of Forest Drive.
    • It should be used only for household waste, including all recyclables.
    • No building rubble, garden refuse, organic waste or other ‘junk’ is accepted. Residents and visitors must arrange for such waste to be transported to the waste disposal site in Plettenberg Bay.
    • Household garbage should be placed on street verges only on Fridays, the day the municipality makes a collection except during the year-end peak period when extra collections are notified. Collection can be as early as 07H00.
    • Garbage bags should be inside a “wheely-bin” or an alternative baboon-proof container. No garden refuse on sidewalks.
    • Baboons are very active in Nature’s Valley. Crows can also be a problem. Poor waste management encourages their visits. Please assist by managing waste responsibly.
    • Organic waste composting is encourages. See guide.

    What regulations require

    Dumping of household waste, garden refuse, building rubble and any other kind of waste is prohibited by law.