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Road etiquette

  • Because of the many outdoor activities, the roads in Nature's Valley are used by pedestrians, joggers and cyclists far more than in a typical suburban setting. They are also used as key movement corridors by wildlife.

    The narrow roads mean drivers should exercise patience and be exceptionally careful to avoid injuring people or wildlife including nocturnal game & birds.

    Owners and visitors are asked to note the following points and, if necessary, to make others aware of them:

    • The speed limit of 40kmph in the residential area must be obeyed.
    • Unlicensed drivers and quad bikes are not allowed to drive in the residential area.
    • Only emergency vehicles are allowed at the lagoon and on the beach. Emergency access points to the beach at the lagoon parking area and at Beach Path 4 must be kept clear at all times.
Drivers take note: roads also serve as the main pedestrian routes