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The lagoon and river mouth

  • Whilst the Groot River is in a pristine condition, the lagoon as a natural body of water, can become polluted under certain circumstances, e g heavy rains during peak visitor periods as a result of poorly maintained or overloaded septic or conservancy tanks.

    The water quality is regularly tested and warning notices are put up if necessary.

    Visitors need to be aware that sewage in the valley is not linked to any central collection or treatment system. Septic tanks should be used carefully to avoid overflow due to blockages. Conservancy tanks should be emptied well before there is a danger of overflow and pollution.

    To ensure easy access and a pleasant environment for all users of the lagoon, canoes, boats, etc should be moored to the railings that have been provided.



  • See estuary guide


    What regulations require*

    No motorised craft are allowed on the lagoon.

    See motorised craft notice

    No person may breach or attempt to breach the mouth of the river when it is closed. SANParks have strict criteria for opening the mouth in accordance with estuary breaching regulations.

    See estuary breaching notice

    *NB: Being surrounded by a national park, a number of SANParks regulations are applicable in addition to municipal by-laws.

Estuary from the top of the Eastern side of the pass