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    • From 1 December to 31 January Beach No. 4 has Blue Flag status with lifeguards 7am to 5pm
    • The exposed beach - unlike the protected lagoon – is dangerous for swimming
    • Strong waves cause sand bars, deep channels and very powerful rip currents (watch video) in these channels
    • Rips currents are often unexpected and hazardous, especially during outgoing tide
    • Rips are typically darker blue with choppy, churning water and foam moving seaward
    • No children should ever swim without supervision
    • Non and weak swimmers should not enter the sea
    • Even strong swimmers should remain on safe sandbanks and avoid channels
    • The beach from the river mouth to the East is considered unsafe for swimming. The Groot and Salt River mouths are particulary dangerous after heavy rain
    • If caught in a rip current, don’t fight it. Try to remain calm, keep your head above water, wave a hand and wait until the current weakens or stops which it always will do. Then swim ashore or tread water until help arrives
    • If you see someone in trouble do not swim after that person. Throw anything that floats towards him or her and call Sea Rescue on 082 990 5975 

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Extremely dangerous rip currents visible from The Point