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Fires, fireworks and Chinese lanterns

  • The densely wooded Tsitsikamma forests, the high proportion of wooden homes, the changeable wind conditions and the fact that the nearest Fire Department is 30km away, make it vital that owners and visitors avoid creating fire hazards in Nature’s Valley. See Useful Links for emergency contact numbers

    What regulations require*

    • No fires are allowed in the National Park, at the lagoon, on the beach or any public open space, except at designated places near the lagoon.
    • No fireworks or Chinese sky lanterns are allowed.
    • No waste may be burnt on properties.
    • No vegetation may be allowed to become a fire hazard.

    *NB: Being surrounded by a national park, a number of SANParks regulations are applicable in addition to municipal by-laws.


Designated braai area near the lagoon parking area