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  • Dogs play a special role in many families. However, if uncontrolled in the village or National Park they can harm or frighten pedestrians (children and the aged being most vulnerable) as well as wildlife (birds and buck have been killed). They can also be a nuisance to beachgoers. 

    Revised Dog Regulations were announced by Bitou Municipality in December 2017. These set out red, orange and green areas where dogs are forbidden or have to be on leash or can be leash-free. A penalty of R500 applies to infringements. View Regulations.  In addition, the following should be noted:

    • As a basic courtesy dog litter should be removed. Plastic bags are in wooden holders near the beach pathways.
    • Residents and visitors should keep dogs from roaming outside
    • Baboons, illegal game snares and discarded fishing hooks are dangers
    • Dogs are not allowed on the streets except on a leash
    • No dogs are allowed in the sea or lagoon
Litter collection bags are available at the dune pathway entrances