Helping conserve a unique habitat. Serving property owners.

Committee and Portfolio Members

  • Chairman
    Paul Erens
    Deputy Chairmen
    James Martin, Dave Owen
    Committee Members
    Paul Erens, James Martin, Dave Owen, Doug Blaine, Francois Kruger, Peter Harpur, Conrad Wiehahn, Julian Muller
    James Martin
    Hon. Secretary
    Doug Blaine
    Bitou Municipality Liaison
    Paul Erens, Francois Kruger, Doug Blaine
    IDP (Ward meetings)
    Paul Erens, Francois Kruger

  • Built Environment
    General: Paul Erens, Peter Harpur
    Plans: Doug Blaine, Paul Erens, Barry Woode (Co-opted)
    Legal: Conrad Wiehahn, J Biesenbach (Co-opted)
    James Martin
    Infrastructure and Services
    General: Paul Erens, Dave Owen, Doug Blaine
    Fire and safety: Dave Owen
    Sewage: Doug Blaine, J Grobbelaar, and Geoff McKilleron(Co-Opted), Dries Kruger (Co-opted)
    Roads: Dries Kruger (Co-opted), Francois Kruger, Paul Erens
    Water: Dries Kruger (Co-opted)
    Security (ADT liaison, Incident Management, Bitou Sec, SAPS, Lifesavers)
    General: Paul Erens, Doug Blaine, Francois Kruger, Peter Harpur
    Lifesavers: Paul Erens, Dave Owen

  • BRA Representative
    Paul Erens, Francois Kruger
    SANParks Liaison
    Francois Kruger, Paul Erens
    Environment (Urban Conservancy Management, Open Spaces)
    Doug Blaine, Paul Erens, Francois Kruger
    Contractual National Park
    Francois Kruger, Paul Erens
    Newsletters and Owners’ Liaison
    Julian Mὒller (Chief Editor), Paul Erens, Annamarie Kovacik (Office Manager)
    Roy Parkhurst (Co-opted), Annamarie Kovacik (Office Manager)
    Baboon Management
    Doug Blaine, Paul Erens

From Lagoon Drive looking North East across a high estuary