With Easter and school holidays approaching, we trust that those of you travelling through to Natures Valley have a safe trip and wonderful weather when you are here. The seasonal change is slipping slowly from summer into autumn, and although the weather may be cooling along with the sea and lagoon, it is at its most benign and settled, a perfect time to get out and about. After the extremely lengthy dry period through the autumn, winter and spring of 2022, reasonable rainfall through December to present has kept the Groot River flowing, the mouth mostly open and the surroundings green. No mention of mosquitoes in paradise…..

The R102 roadworks are largely done. The re-tarring has been completed from the N2 west through the pass to the N2 east. Minor works on safety barriers and signage is ongoing. SANparks have been cutting back fynbos on the verges in preparation for a potential fynbos burn – this has improved visibilty. One word of caution, the tar is slightly narrower now, so be aware and exercise caution, especially when passing cyclists. Speed kills.

Along with the rest of the country we have struggled under regular loadshedding. This does affect cell phone signal and internet, especially during the frequent longer spells.

We wish all members, visitors, and property owners a peaceful and pleasant Easter and hope to see many of you on our lagoon and the beaches and trails in and around Natures Valley.


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