The pandemic seems to be slowly relaxing its grip and we hope it provides you with more opportuni es to enjoy a covid free Natures Valley. The first three months of this year have been relavely incident free other than the usual load shedding interrupons and transmission line equipment failures. We are assured that load shedding should be nothing more than a bad dream by 2030 (or later).

In the period since the AGM in December, much work has been done in preparing the way for applying for a Special Rang Area classificaon for Natures Valley. An SRA specific steering commi ee has been established under the Chairmanship of Rob Nichol and the SRA applicaon progress is now reported through SRA Project News flyers. The second edion of the SRA Project News was circulated on the 5th April.

1APRIL 2022 The importance of an SRA to Natures Valley cannot be over emphasised as it provides a means for property owners and the Municipality to mutually agree on measures that protect and improve this wonderful village’s environment while placing control over the implementaon of those measures in our hands. While baboon management and monitoring is an anchor project within the SRA applicaon, it will act as a very good foundaon for adding other improvements to our “Valley” which can only serve to enhance property values and improve our quality of life.

Your support for the SRA will be canvassed through a public parcipaon process in the months to come and we urge all property owners to acvely parcipate and to make a conscious effort to cast your vote.

In the meanme, we wish all members, visitors and property owners a peaceful and covid free Easter and hope to see many of you on the lagoon and the beaches and trails in and around Natures Valley.


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