This newsletter comes with an Information Brochure which contains important information about municipal matters, waste management, baboons, dogs, etc.

The newsletter is shorter, with personal and fresh news, and is distributed in both languages. 


  • A new baby was born in the Valley. Congratulations to the parents and welcome to baby Basil from “Our Happy Place” in Forest Drive.
  • We are sad to announce the passing of Prof Johan (Whazi) Albertyn from “OmieCTsien”, St Andrews. Condolences to his wife Henriette and the rest of the family. We will miss his joyful presence in the Valley.
  • Carina Stander’s parents, who have been regular visitors to Nature’s Valley passed away within one week due to Covid-19. Our sincere condolences to Carina, Gerrit, and their children with this sudden and tragic loss. 
  • Suzaan, the daughter of Ina and Paul Zietsman from St Michaels, suddenly passed away. She was a pharmacist at Clicks in Plett. Our sincere condolences to Ina and Paul and to her husband and two young children.
  • Ellie Parker, well known in the Syndicate, died recently in Port Elizabeth. Our condolences to all her family and friends.


  • Nature’s Valley Trust (NVT) now has its own weather station. Valuable information about weather such as rainfall, temperature, and wind speed and direction can be found on the app:  iWeather lite. When you open the app, go to Southern Cape and then to Nature’s Valley.
  • According to this weather station we had 266 mm of rain between March (when the station was erected) and July 22 (date of this letter). In future we will be able to publish accurate rainfall statistics from this weather station.
  • On the 5th of May, we experienced an unusual hailstorm, accompanied by 75mm of rain in one hour with lots of damage to the Valley.


The 3rd wave of Covid-19 seemed to be less severe in the Garden Route and the Bitou district than in other areas. Nevertheless, the pandemic continues to have an impact on our daily lives. Many of our elderly residents had to queue for hours in order to be vaccinated and some others drove long distances for the jab.


The website is currently in the process of being updated and redesigned.


There are canoes, surf boards and boats (craft) that are not being properly stored on the lagoon. Owners are reminded that all craft should be tied to the railings and not tied to benches, trees etc or left unchained on the lagoon edge. Later in the year SANParks may decide to remove any craft that are either abandoned or not properly secured. Owners must please make arrangements  to secure their craft in the correct places.


The Committee wish to thank all those owners who contributed in the year 2020/21. As we are now into the new financial year, which runs from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022, owners are requested to make their annual voluntary contributions. The suggested amount is R1  000 but any contribution is welcome and higher amounts are much appreciated. 

Bank details  NVRA Standard Bank Plettenberg Bay Branch no 050714 Account no 082609217 

PLEASE put your ERF NUMBER and NAME on the transfer so that we can identify who the payment comes from. Also if you can send a confirmation email to Annamarie Kovacik at or phone her on 044 531 6699 that would be a great help.


After a period of very serious home invasions and break-ins by baboons, the NVRA has initiated the development of a Baboon Management Plan for Natures Valley which combines the use of baboon monitors with a plan of improvements in waste management and measures that householders need to implement to reduce the number of invasions (such as baboon proofing of windows and removal of visible food).

The NVRA has issued the first draft of the management plan together with an important questionnaire for all property owners to complete.

Reaction to the Management Plan has been positive however we urge those property owners who have not yet completed the questionnaire to do so as we need support to the fullest extent possible. Further reminders attached the questionnaire will be issued in due course


Doug Blaine, who is responsible for this portfolio, reports as follows:

Bitou Draft Zoning By-Law

The Draft Zoning By-law, which (would) will affect the zoning and permitted uses of all categories of property in Bitou municipal area was published for public comment in January 2021. There were many aspects of this draft document, which are a concern for future development in NV. The document was circulated for comment by all NV property owners and the NVRA’s objections and comment on the proposed document are available for viewing on the NV website. Bitou have recently indicated that the comments received by interested and affected parties are still being reviewed and considered and an updated version is imminent. This is a very important document from NV’s perspective and the NVRA will be keeping a close eye on developments.

Bitou SDF

An updated version of this document was published for public comment early in 2020. The NVRA responded, on behalf of the community, expressing serious concern about the re-designation of the public open spaces in NV (i.e. erf 460 the fynbos reserve, erf 429 Phyl Martin park, erf 380 wetland reserve, erf 381 forest reserve) from public open spaces to potential “strategic development areas”.

      No revised or updated version of the SDF has since been published, however recent discussions with Bitou Town Planning indicates that a “final” version is due to be made public shortly and maybe open for public comment again, but this is not certain. Owners will be advised in due course where this is heading.

Covie Land Claim

 The claim by the Covie Community to ownership of approximately 750 hectares of land has been formalized and the land was officially handed over to the claimants by the Deputy President, at the end of April this year. It is anticipated that this will give the community the opportunity to develop eco-tourism and farming activities. However, water supply and other infrastructure is extremely limited and is unlikely to change in the near future. The restoration excludes land currently managed by SANParks.